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Sak Yant - Thai Tattoos

Sak Yant Ha Taew

The most know Sak Yant design by westerners is the 5 line or "Ha taew" which is most often written perpendicular to the horizontal.

It was made famous by Angelina Jolie when she was Tattooed by the Ajarn Noo Ganpai. It is rumoured he expects in the range of 50,000 baht per Tattoo now.

The lines transliterate to English.
1. i ra cha ka ta ra sa
2. ti hang ja toh loh ti nang
3. soh ma na ga ri tah toh
4. pi sam lah loh pu sa pu
5. ka pu bam too tahm wa ka

The explanation in English




1) To create within you the heart of giving and in others compassion, acceptance, and kindness towards you, thus increasing your fame standing in your community.
2) Helps ito bring good fortune and luck towards you.
3) Protects you against evil spells and spirits and the banishment of bad luck.
4) Improves one's destiny and fate.
5) Improves one's charm and popularity on a personal level.

It should be known and understood that one will see different versions of this Thai Tattoo as each master will have their own wording and order but the basic purpose and powers of this remain the same.  It is a little like only the original should be used by others but to be inspired by the master's work is a compliment, but to copy it is an insult. The "Ha taew" is a more modern Sak Yant and one finds a few true artist that are interrupting a newer yet faithful slant on traditional Thai spiritual Tattoos as well as researching older ones on the older seniors who more commonly had tattoos then the more western influenced younger ones. Sadly the examples of many of the older ones are sorry for the pun but are dying out.

The elders are delighted to see the rebirth of the SakYant among the younger Thai generation and take pride in westerners are also wanting them as well.  

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