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Live Music Bars - with dancing

Live-Music Bars (with more or less space to dance and people who do so)


Warm-Up Café

40 Nimmanhaemin Road, Tambon Suthep, 50200 Chiang Mai

(Google Maps)

The probably best known, hottest and most favourite place of stylish locals to meet and to hang out and especially super crowded at weekends.

The Warm-Up Café is divided in 3 areas: Two rooms inside and one stage outside (but roofed). In one room they have a Live DJ playing electronic music. In the other room they have Bands who mostly perform Thai-songs (least mixed with western songs). In both rooms the audience is dancing.

On the outside stage you can see and listen to local well-known bands which mostly play a nice mix between old and new songs (depending on the band from Rock, Pop, Grunge to Reggae/Ska). At latest if they have their Ska Band the folk is dancing at the little given spot in the front of the stage.

Outside are further the most seating arrangements and in addition the dining area. At Warm-Up Café you can order delicious food, too. Also pastry can be served and to eat Popcorn there is one sign of this place, too. The Vodka bar outside is not to forget to mention.

Guests are mostly the younger generation of Thai’s (a lot of students) and fewer foreigners – even if it’s an absolutely great place.



Heaven Beach
heaven beach sign

48/7 Ratvithi Road, Tambon Sri Phum, 50200 Chiang Mai

(Google maps & Facebook)

 Busy with many foreigners and with a band which already made their way into the New York Times (Nyok Band) this is literally spoken a heavenly Grunge-, Rock- and Alternative- place where you here and then can also meet some Thai-Punks. The music is so good that soon or later everybody starts to dance, jump around and pogo.

It’s located in the backpacker quarter and encircled from other bars (Roots Rock Reggae, Babylon Bar and Zoe In Yellow). They do not offer food but outside are two Indian- and Thai- Restaurants as well as one Doner-Kebab Shop.


Roots Rock Reggae

Ratvithi Road, Tambon Sri Phum, 50200 Chiang Mai

(My Space)

 Exactly situated on the opposite from Heaven Beach this Bar is known (as the name already indicates) for its Reggae and Spanish influenced music. Interestingly mix of English and Thai Reggae songs plus some Latin songs and beats.

This bar also doesn’t provide food but as mentioned before this spot has some Indian/Thai Restaurants and a Doner-Kebab Shop.


North Gate Bar

95 1-2 Sanam Kela Road, Chang Puak Gate, 50200 Chiang Mai

(Blogspot, Google Maps)

 Jazz lovers will get one’s money worth at the North Gate Bar. Tuesday’s is apparently the best day to visit this spot as they have many bands playing.

Sometimes they also have a band which plays Spanish/Mexican influenced Jazz.

The audience consist more out of foreigners, but a few locals are there to meet, too.


The Riverside

9-11 Charoenrat Raj Road, Tambon Wat Ket, 50000 Chiang Mai

(Homepage, Google Maps)

 At day a recommended restaurant it provides in the late evenings next to delicious food also a live band. It’s a mixed performance of new English and Thai songs but in a cute “Pop music style”.

During the day they are busy with foreigners and in the evenings fairly visited by locals. It can be quite hard to find even a small place to stand in this full place – early appearance is suggested. The guests there like to dance but facing the crowded mass it’s not an easy thing to do there.

Sometimes they have special events and bands – check their website out to stay up to date.


The Good View

13 Charoenrat Raj Road, Tambon Wat Ket, 50000 Chiang Mai

(Homepage, Google Maps)


Next to The Riverside is another bar/restaurant situated and has exactly the same reputation as its neighbor.

The offer is the same: At day delicious food and in the evenings live bands like they service Thai’s and foreigners.


Rasta cafe

Charoenprathet Road, Tambon Chang Klan, 50100 Chiang Mai

Not far away from the Night Bazar another place to go out and dance to Reggae music is the Rasta Bar. Although it is situated on the opposite of Café Del Sol it’s mostly filled up with Thai’s and you can meet interesting dreadlock-characters.



lamphun-wat phra that hariphunchai-01     
       ited in mid-town, Wat Phra That Hariphunchai was built during the reign of King Arthitayarat, a descendant of Queen Chamthewi some 800 years ago.A principal landmark is the 46-metre tall golden Chedi which contains a hair of the Lord Buddha, having nine-tiered umbrella, made of gold weighing approximately 6,498.75 grams...

Chiang Rai

      on the bank of the Kok River within town area, contains what is believed to be the oldest Holy Relic even before King Mengrai built Chiang Rai. Doi Chom Thong has been a sacred site for aextremely long time. The site was surely reverenced as the home of local spirits before Buddhism arrived in the area.

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