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Marrying a Thai (Last Part)

Marrying a Thai: Oppss…It won’t Be that Easy (Last Part) see start here

Finally we’ve reached to our last part of the article….at last.

So, there you are, having been literally stripped from your possessions though you may opt to let it go and manages to smile. You will later on find out that you cannot really engage yourself into a more meaningful conversation. Since it will be that obvious that nobody expects you to speak the pasa-Thai; therefore you should likewise expect them to talk to you in English.

Might as well enjoy the night away and indulge yourself in their merriment since the entire activity for the day will be dedicated to you might as well do what they do..That is to EAT…DRINK…and be MERRY.

If you prefer to wander around the entire village, then it will still be okay for you. Nobosy’s going to bother you if you enter into any houses that you like to go into. They will welcome you with the entire sweetest smile that they can give you.

Now, when it comes to whether how long you ought to stay, that is entirely on you. If you think that you can live without electricity, hot showers, television and all the amenities of a modern city. Feel free to stay as you are certainly welcome to them.

There maybe times that you may be worried as to whether you’re violating any of their culture. Well you’ll be comforted to know that just like you they too think the same way you do. They may not be able to understand you but they will surely understand that you’re just as ignorant as they are when it comes to each other’s cultural background…just the same smile.

If you are used to showing PDA in your country; making all those gestures that is quite uncalled for even in the presence of other people. It would be best to just keep it to yourself for the meantime since PDA (Public Display of Affection) is a big NO-NO to them.

And if you are with your girlfriend, don’t expect her to sleep with you especially if you’re still in their community. She would even appreciate if you don’t even bother to touch her when you’re still in their place. So might as well tuck it in soldier.

Thais especially old ones are very conservative, though they will certainly be aware of what a certain part of the country is popular of what it offers to “FARANGs”. They will certainly appreciate if you respect their daughter and in return gain their favor later on.

This brings us to the doting part, granting that after all the DON’Ts that have been laid on you. That you are still willing to have the Thai girl of your dream to be with you, the fact still remains…YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY THE DOWRY!!!...Now, now calm down boy before you go around and scream while banging your head on a wall.

As have been mentioned earlier, they understand that you’re not entirely bound to their Cultures and Traditions. But it has been their practice so you still have to comply it whether you like it or not. And it is considered normal for them to pay a DOWRY, especially for Thai men.

If you really have that feelings for her and would want to really, really marry her. The best thing for you to do is to talk to her parents. Lay out a certain negotiable amount since whether you believe it or not it can be talked through. Thai people are known to be considerate and understanding. Once they’ve learned that you are not really that filthy rich as they might think you are, they might reconsider…oppss! Not setting aside the DOWRY but may ask you a considerable amount. YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY THE DOWRY.

This is their way of making sure that their daughter will be secured financially as well as their family. Bear in mind that once you marry a Thai, you are likewise marrying the entire system. OUCH!

It’s just like when you marry a Filipina you also have to marry the entire family members. That includes the relatives that even they themselves don’t know of. Sounds insane? Maybe but that’s the reality of it all.

Again, if you think you can’t handle such tradition might as well reconsider and think about marrying an innocent and uninfluenced Thai lady.

Have I told you how much is the minimum of the Dowry…Rather the acceptable amount that you can partially give?

For a village lady your figure may end up in 100,000 baht. And if you happen to have a Thai girlfriend who is quite educated and have finished a certain degree…Then I leave to you to think of the figures. As the rate of the Dowry increases depending on the educational attainment of the woman you are planning to marry. OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!

But then again don’t fret, such amount can still be negotiated and that will be between you and your fiancées parents.

To sum it all up, love plays also a role in marrying a Thai lady but you just have to accept and face the fact that Security comes first before love in the land of Smile.

Now, that you know. Do you still want to marry a Thai lady?

marring a Thai lady

So if you still have yourheart set on getting married.

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