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An expat in Thailand's Story

Saduwak Sabay sabay (PART 2)

Saduwak Sabay sabay (PART 2)

It is here that you will indeed learn what it is to have a society that caters the real essence of FREE ENTERPRISE. It isn’t a wonder why Thais are contented with what they have, it isn’t a wonder why they will always smile and tell each foreigner that they come to meet they often relay this phrase “Saduwak sabay sabay”.

It is here that you will feel how they respect each other’s right, as well as learn how it is to give consideration and think of others well-being.

For how many times that I saw couples or individuals pulling over for a minute just to hand in some food for an old man, Or give some food to a stray dog instead of kicking it on the butt or better yet butcher it and cook it and make some appetizer (“pulutan” in Filipino word) over it while drinking wine or beer?

It is only here that I don’t see streets so clean and well maintained, as well as you cannot see any loiters as well as vagabond kids.

Running on the street begging for money on every car that stops on traffic lights, it is only here indeed that most of the people have embraced corruption considering that a certain survey has been conducted.

Would you believe that out of 100% of being asked 76% percent of them are A-OK with corruption? It is because it cannot be felt by the natives, it is because they can see that although there may be some corruption happening on the entire system. They can still see that they are well taken care of.

In the first place, is there any country today that is so pure and without corruption? Indeed I know of a country that defies corruption but it has eaten the entire system down to its core.

If there is a place that I finally found how it is to be calm and to learn how to live peacefully and in harmony not only with the people around me but within me, it is indeed this land. The land of Smile that has welcomed us and other Filipinos who found solace in this wonderful land…THAILAND.

It is here that I’ve learned to be appreciative of what I have and be contented of what I can have and be thankful of what I don’t have.

It is here that I learned to be humble and learn to look at the brighter side of life that material things are really just easy to come by if you only have faith and perseverance in what you do.

I don’t intend to spend the rest of my life here or of my family, but at least we were given the chance to experience how life is in a country where I once thought strange and entirely different.

This is not a rant but an appreciation of the chance that has been given to me and my family, an appreciation that in this foreign and strange land we have found a home that we can consider as our own.



lamphun-wat phra that hariphunchai-01     
       ited in mid-town, Wat Phra That Hariphunchai was built during the reign of King Arthitayarat, a descendant of Queen Chamthewi some 800 years ago.A principal landmark is the 46-metre tall golden Chedi which contains a hair of the Lord Buddha, having nine-tiered umbrella, made of gold weighing approximately 6,498.75 grams...

Chiang Rai

      on the bank of the Kok River within town area, contains what is believed to be the oldest Holy Relic even before King Mengrai built Chiang Rai. Doi Chom Thong has been a sacred site for aextremely long time. The site was surely reverenced as the home of local spirits before Buddhism arrived in the area.

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