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Introduction to Chiang Rai

Phu Chi Fa

Phu Chi Fa view

Phu Chi Fa is a popular mountain that is visited by numerous Thai tourists to northern Thailand. The word ‘Chi’ in Thai stands for ‘point” and Phu Chi Fa offers a pointed peak to the visitors from where they can enjoy immaculate vistas of nature. If you want to visit the summit of the mountain, you can take a car and drive up to the top. Though you cannot make it to the top entirely, the majority of the way can be covered by driving. Now, to reach the top, stop the car, get out of it and start walking.

Located in Chiang Rai Province’s Amphoe Thoeng, Phu Chi Fa is mostly visited by the tourists to watch the enticing view of the sunrise. Get our early in the morning to reach the summit of the mountain and what you will see will be a memory to cherish for the lifetime. The highest point of Phu Chi Fa appears as if it is pointing a finger towards the sky. White patches of dense fog cover the valley like a blanket in the morning and it slowly diminishes as the sun keeps coming out. When the sun rises and the fog gets clear, you can view the beautiful Mae Khong River and deep into Laos. No other mountain top offers such a wide view of Laos than Phu Chi Fa.

The geographical distinctiveness of Phu Chi Fa makes it the most immaculate destination in Chiang Rai to enjoy the beauty if rising sun. On the mountain top, the highest flat terrain is a huge grassy plain that expands up to the Laotian border

There are different routes to reach the top of Phu Chi Fa. And you can choose the route as per your preference. You can find a junction from Ban Phaen Din Thong that connects two different ways that connect to the top of the mountain. Both the ways are steep. On the right, you can take the most popular route which is Ban Rom Fa Thai. While climbing up the top by this route, you have to cover a distance of 1800 meters. It can be tiring and may feel the need of refreshment and therefore, you can take rest and relax as there as restaurants and resort hotels. You can take Ban Rom Fa Thong, which is the left route to the mountain top also. The route connects a roadway that leads to the Ngao-Ngao Watersource Management Unit’s office. After you reach up to the office, you have to cover another 800 meters by walking to reach the top of Phu Chi Fa.

To get there leave Chiang Rai, take Highway 1020 to Thoeng. Then driving for sixty-three kilometer until you reach Highway 1115. Turn here and for anther twenty-one kilometers to Ban Pang Kha. from Ban Pang Kha, another twenty-four kilometers to your final destination, Phu Chi Fa. The total distance from Chaing Rai is 108 kilometers.

Accommodation in the area:
Phu Chi Fa Khun Ton call: 0-1952-2519
Phu Mok Camping : 0-1915-4949
U-krit Farm Hill : 0-5370-3317
Pha Tang Hill :0-1224-7019

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