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Camping in Doi Khun Tan National Park

Our Trip To Doi Khun Tan National Park
Diary by: Banksia

Wednesday: 12/01/11
It was the first day of the trip. I felt very excited and ready for everything, bag packs and sleeping bag and everything. My bag was as heavy as a huge rock sitting on my back. I hoped on that day that it’s going to be fun. I arrived at the train station at 8:30.  The train left late that day. We all stayed and waited inside the train for no more longer than an hour. Finally! We arrived at Doi Khun Tan. We got there and had lunch. I ate a chicken leg and some sticky rice. There were many dogs at the rail and I gave names to each of them. One was “Earflap”. Another was called “Gray” and “Fluffy”.

After we had filled up our energy level, we began to walk up the mountain to the place where we slept. The cabin was separated into boys and girls. The girl’s one looked very old and spooky. The boy’s one looked better. My room had 1 lizard and a million ants.

In the afternoon we got to play a game called “Pirates and treasures”. It was a maths lesson, where we need to use a compass to find a treasure. In the evening we ate dinner and we had a camp fire. It was very romantic and warm. I cooked some soft delicious marshmallows.
After the camp fire, everybody separated and went to their cabins to have a shower and sleep. I was awake all night and I talked with Prow. She also couldn’t sleep that night. Our bedroom was full of chips and food.



Thursday: 13/01/11
It was the second day of the trip. I felt sleepy and tired. I woke up and filled my water bottles and packed my bags. Prow woke the last, when Mrs. Yvonne pulled her sleeping bag down from the bed. I didn’t have a shower because everyone said that the water was extremely cold!

We walked over to the teacher’s cabin to have breakfast. The food was rice soup and bread with jam. It was not that good but at least we got to eat. We packed our lunch boxes and got ready to go hiking. It was about 13 Km. up to the yaw 4, the highest of the mountain. I walked with Mr. Jake and two other which were Prow and Jacob.
We went to yaw 2, 3 and finally to the yaw 4. I went up there and was 1st! And Edward was the 2nd. My legs were deadly tired! There were many rocks up there. There was one that was really high and you could sit on it and look over the views. It was very beautiful up there. I wrote my name on that piece of rock to show that I made it! I sat there and ate with Edward waiting for everybody to come up. When I finished my lunch, I realized that I was not full yet. I was still hungry! Once we filled up our energies and took photos, we walked down to our cabins. It was evening so we ate dinner. I ate fried rice. Sam ate the most! He ate 4-5 plates! That’s too much for me. After we ate, we went to the teacher’s cabin and had the next camp fire. I cooked only one marshmallow. I was mesmerized from the hiking and I loved yaw 3 the most, because it had two swings. I swung with Yaomin and Cha. It was fun and dangerous.

Then I had shower at my cabin and I saw something! It was a white shadow walking straight past the window of the bathroom. That thing spooked me out! That night I slept well. Kul and Bambi came to sleep in our room. They talked a lot, especially, Kul. All of my body parts were deadly tired. I was really scared about that shadow, so I tried hard to forget about it.

Friday: 14/01/11 at Doi Khun Tan National Park
It was the last day of camp. I was happy to get out of there. I didn’t want to see that shadow again! I packed my bags and get ready than anyone else. Prow woke the latest again. When everyone was waked and ate their breakfast, we carried our bags down to the car park. When I was almost at the bottom of the car park I saw a sign that said “This house was built in 2456 and it is now opened for tourist to visit and rest.” The letter had been written in Thai. I was surprised of how long that was. We took a truck down to the bottom of the mountain. Half way down, we went to a minimart. I bought an orange juice and some chips. After that we walked down to the rail. The train came late. We sat there for a long time.

I talked with Joy, Cha, Prow and Yaomin. They sang a song which made Joy cried! (I sang it for a little bit, because it was funny) I never ever saw Joy crying before. I felt very sorry for her and what we had done. I promised her that I won’t talk like that anymore. When the train arrived, we all went inside and had a surprised. The train was totally full of people! I sat down with Joy and another stranger. The stranger looked funny and strange. He made us laugh all day long. We sat and did nothing for over an hour. We had many stops and I putted my head out of the window and it was so nice. My face was pushed by the wind. The smell of the field was like a tiny honey flower blowing in the wind and made a nice smell.

Finally, we got to Chiang Mai railway station. My mom and dad were very happy to see me. I felt really good to see my family again. It was the best trip I’ve ever been before. Thank you for reading my trip Diary and I hope that we will have a nice trip like this again.       

Diary by: Banksia

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