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Siam Insect Zoo

rhino beetle


Siam Insect Zoo & Museum - Chiang Mai Attractions Siam Insect Zoo & Museum (SIZ) was opened to the public in 2006.

It is the show case of a private collect that was build over 30 years that includes a diverse collect.

You will be enjoyed watching and photographing the beautiful butterflies as you like.

Siam Insect Zoo & Museum have recently opened an second butterfly garden enclosure which brings the total flying gardens area to about 500 squares meters. It is the largest captive butterfly gardens in Chiang Mai, which will allow space for a thousand of butterflies.

The costs to have regularly high numbers of butterflies in the garden is high. They do their best to obtain the optimum numbers of butterflies in the garden. However the best times to see the most butterflies is in the rainy season, during April to October. You will be enjoyed watching and photographing the beautiful butterflies as many as you like.

There are also many live insects housed in breeding and rearing cages. They include but not only, Stag beetles, Stick insects, Scarab beetles, Leaf insects, and of course Butterflies and Moths. In addition, Siam Insect Zoo have a serious butterfly breeding and rearing plans, therefore they now have a higher number of various butterflies to release into our butterfly garden everyday.

It is Open Daily: 9am - 5pm Entry:  The current admission fees for foreigner: adult is 200 baht and child 150 baht each. (Half price for Thai nationals) as of April 25th 2011

They have renovated in 2010 to improve the exhibitions, to provide closely service to guide and allow to hold, to touch as well as photography especially the live insects, including walking sticks, mantis, beetles, beetle grubs, butterlfy caterpillars, crickets and scorpios, for examples.

Website: or

Tel : 081 7466776, 089 1848475, 053 860807 or 081 8217912



Siam Insect Zoo & Museum are open for free to all children on the annual "Children's Day" in January.


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