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Hot Springs in Chiang Mai

sangkampang hot springs gusher

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs are located 36 kilometers from town amid natural surroundings of trees and verdant hills. The water has a high sulfur content and possesses curative and restorative properties.

Photo by Borhaew

Entry: Admission - Adult Baht 30, Children Baht 15. Swimming Pool - Adult Baht 50, Children Baht 30. The prices are high for farangs but with a Thai drivers license and some nice talking they are normally not charged.

Photo by Borhaew

To soak in the hot water. The rates are as follow: (not as in photo)

- 15 Baht / 30 minutes for a private bowl (like a large urn)
- 30 Baht / 30 minutes for a private tub (like a bath tub)
- 200 Baht / hour for a group tub (like a huge jucuzzi which can fit about 10 people).

Try the group tub so hot water (80 ~ 90C) is mixed with cold water so that we do not cooked ourselves in it. The water is high in sulfur content, which is why the water is especially good for those with skin problems.

Photo by Borhaew


The other things to do is to buy the chicken eggs or quail eggs from the ticketing office and then cook them in the hot spring.

Accommodation, Thai massage, a swimming pool, dining facilities and segregated mineral water bathing rooms are available.

San Kamphaeng - Mae-on Rd., Ban Sahakron, Muang on, Chiang Mai +66 (0)53-037101, +66 (0)81-6035501



Roong Arun Hot Spring Resort



Photo By 撮影者


Roong Arun Hot Spring Resort which Is right near San Kamohaeng Hot Springs offers bungalows, mineral baths and egg boiling is set in a beautiful park setting. Maybe is a better choice unless you like crowds, is a tiny bit more but worth it

Roong Aroon Hot Springs Spa Resort offers first class bungalow accommodation.
Each bungalow is individually decorated and fully air-conditioned. All units are supplied with natural hot mineral springs for guests to enjoy and relax with privacy throughout the day. The resort itself is spread over 40 acres of exotic rock garden. There are two restaurants offering Thai and Chinese Cuisines. You will be pampered by their friendly staff who will make your stay memorable.

Contact Information:
Contact Person : Roong Aroon Hot Springs Spa Resort
Contact Number (Primary): (053) 939128, (053) 939138, 01-7642350, 01-8830337

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