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Chicky Net Chiang Mai – A group for expat women

Whether visiting Chiang Mai for a shorter period of time or for a longer period, sometimes the lack of home comforts can dampen your experience.

Chicky Net is an online club specifically for women who have either relocated to Thailand or who are visiting for a specific period of time.

The club has networks all over Thailand including Chiang Mai. Here women can interact with each other, chat and even join up to specialist groups that suit their own interests.

Gone are the days when expatriates clubs are boring, Chicky Net is an exciting and fun way to meet other expats and to best of all make new friends who you can share your Chiang Mai experience with getting the most out of your time in the beautiful city.

Joining the club is free, all that is required is to complete a quick registration form so others know who you are and what your interests are and you can start to network with members. Inside the site is a really handy forum. At last you can find out where is best in Chiang Mai to get those well needed highlights touched up and even find a babysitter for the night.

The tone of the club is very laid back and welcoming, the girls within the club are very friendly. Introducing yourself will see many of the other members welcome you personally.

Many of the girls meet up on a frequent basis, however rather than this be a boring meeting around a table with awkward introductions the meetings are fun. For instance those fit chicks amongst us can meet weekly with other fitness fans and join a bike group, yoga group and even dance.

For those expats who are here with families is the ‘Yummy Mummy’ group. Every week a group of mums will bring their children, relax, have lunch and enjoy a day with other mums and children.

For the younger generation of expats is a group where you can meet other members for a night out in Chiang Mai and dance the night away with the other funky chicks.

The newest addition to the club, which is very exciting for women around the city is the Chicky Net discount card. It is still in process of being created and distributed, but it does sound very exciting. The card will be given to the clubs members who in turn will be able to receive discounts on a great range of goods and services. For instance at participating restaurants a percentage will be deducted from the bill, clothes can be bought at a reduced rate and even luxurious spa treatments can be enjoyed for cheaper.

This new approach to an expat group really is a saviour for women residing in Chiang Mai. Although the city is beautiful and there is plenty to keep you entertained in terms of attractions and sights, Chicky Net really makes Chiang Mai feel like home and makes you feel a bigger part of the expat community.

For more information see their website

Saddly you must await for "Your profile details must be approved by the Administrator before you can" really check out the site.

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