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Kensington - Chaing Mai’s Custom House Builders

Kensington - Chaing Mai’s Custom House Builders

Build Your Own Home in Chiang Mai

A Construction Company That Cares for its Customers

If you are considering designing or constructing a property in Chiang Mai, then it certainly pays dividends to contact Kensington. This friendly Thai company offer excellent advice with an unbeatable service too. As Chiang Mai’s favourite custom house builders they are certainly adept in helping you turn your dreams into reality. Quality is unmatched, client satisfaction paramount and value for money superb. Their prices are low with the added bonus of expert opinion every step of the way.


You can visit them for a free consultation at their offices just off the middle ring road in Sarapee. Their web site is and if you send them an e-mail they will make an appointment as soon as convenient to you.

Building your own home is great fun and provides amazing value for money. Kensington first saw this concept in USA and decided to offer the same in Chiang Mai. Over time their service has grown in popularity and more and more people see the huge savings and benefits of having their own home built by Kensington.


In May 2008 a Kensington design/build called the Villa Water Orchid won the much coveted Conde Nast Award. It is  super boutique hotel set in lovely countryside location with private pool and gardens. Happy customers continue to flow and Kensington continues to satisfy all their requirements. Prices start from as low as 4-5m Baht and increase to whatever your budget allows. The cost of building varies according to architect’s designs, specifications of the home and your choices; however Kensington help you every step of the way and give advice when required

I have captured a few photos of a recent success story. Here they assisted a couple design and build their dream home; a beautiful 3 bedroom villa with a large lagoon swimming pool with waterfall. Having taken the tour I really was impressed. It was so peaceful and tranquil; the water cascading down from the rock waterfall, the inviting crystal clear water of the pool, the beautiful landscaped gardens. They certainly did a fabulous job of helping them build their home. It was simply divine and the home was built to very high standards.  I asked the owners what they thought of their experience with Kensington and this is what they said. 



Chiang mai home builder


Name: Mr & Mrs. Altpass - August 10th 2009

Project: “550 sqm 3 bedroom Villa with Lagoon Pool and Waterfall


“As an experienced architect from Germany I have designed and built many homes myself. Kensington have done an excellent job both on architectural design and construction. It was very productive to use an architect who works for them and in addition have Kensington’s head of construction work closely with the architect at all times. It saves money, time and reduces problems. The Kensington team have put a huge amount of effort into our home and done everything possible to help us. We have only good words to speak of this company.  Kensington have done a perfect job. We are very satisfied with our house, the way they performed and most importantly the decency with which they dealt with us at all times. They show constant commitment, and expertise. We will be very happy to give them the best recommendations to anyone wishing to design/build a home in Thailand. We would like to thank them for all their kind help.”   

Well you can’t get much better than that. As I say I think these true life accounts speak for themselves and confirm Kensington as a company with a fabulous reputation. You can in fact read more testimonials on their web site In addition to building houses they can build bungalows, hotels, shops, resorts and condominiums. They work with some of the best professionals in the industry and are associated with some wonderful people. They have English speaking Thai architects who work with them too and they offer a professional architectural service if required. So if you are interested and want some help with design or construction why not contact Kensington. Check out their web site for further details or telephone them for more assistance. 

Kensington Company Limited

209/1 Middle Ring Road,
Moo 3 T. Thawangtan,

Chiang Mai 50140

Telephone: 053 124 583

Web Site:

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