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Mega Vinyl Fences

Mega Vinyl Fences: A sign of Elegance, Design and Durability

‘Mega Vinyl Fences’ is a company dealing in vinyl fences all over Thailand with availablity all over the country including Chiang Mai. They offer fencing of your house similar to the ones in America to give your house a cliché and classy look.

vinyl fencing in Chaing mai


Why use Vinyl fences?

Vinyl fences are much more durable than common materials used for fencing like iron, wood and fiber. Iron fences have a separate costing of painting to prevent it from rusting unlike Vinyl fences. Once you get a Vinyl fence at your house it remains in the same pristine condition for about 50 years without having to spend extra bucks on repair, replacement or painting maintenance. Vinyl fences on the other hand are also fungus free and termite free with no harmful chemicals being used in its construction. And finally the vinyl fences add a touch of finesse to your house and are safe for children and pets alike.

Types of products:

The Mega Vinyl fences offer 6 types of designs that include fencing your swimming pool, your garden, your balcony and your house boundary as well. The prices of the fences range from 300 Thai BAHT to 350 Thai BAHT/feet. They offer New England and Gothic caps along with post mounts. They also offer services to build gates similar to the fence design.

porch railing in vinyl in thailand

How to buy and install the fences for DIY people who don't want it installed by Mega Vinyl professionals.:

The first thing that you need to do is make a sketch of your house and the topography of your house. This will enable you to understand what form of fencing would be required and where to place your end posts, 3 way posts, corner posts, line posts and blank posts. Take into consideration the distance between the mid points of the posts that you’ve selected.

Once you get the items shipped to your residence from the company you can install them yourself or hire someone to do so.

First you need to dig up the ground to insert the respective type of post. You may need to slice of a portion of the rail to accommodate the posts. After you’ve dug in all holes you should place the posts accordingly and then insert the fence pickets accordingly into the grooves. Once done you need to pour concrete into the holes that you’ve dug to make it stable. Finally make the fences vertical and then place the caps on them to add the finishing touch.


And here, you have your house fenced with Mega Vinyl fences, bingo!

Mega Vinyl Limited Partnership

430/52 Moo7 Tumbon Mae-hia Muang Chiang mai Thailand 50100
Call Center: 053-444001
Fax: 053-444001

Mobile:081-1111026, 089-7590636

Email: mgvinyl (at)

Working Hour: Open daily from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm



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