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Rocket Festival

There is a annual event, which has a rocket festival so to speak within it. Held in the webmaster Jit's rural home village of " On Tai" (behind Sangpang so to speak).  The rockets actually have been known to crash in her orchard, but as yet, none have gone through her house. The descending expired bamboo rockets, actually come down so fast, that the sound of them descending can be heard (like a buz bomb) for almost a Kilometer away, and the thud as they impact the ground, is very distinctive indeed. If a person was to be actually hit by one of these several meter long rockets, it surely would be fatal.

For the judging of the competition is on a point system, one part is the height they attain and the second the smoothness of the ascent, so of course one would not wish to judge such a interpretable thing, as surly your displease many competitors no matter what.

It has been written up as a "Boon Buung" but is really an annual birthday celebration of Luang  Pa La - Ta Tip, the former head monk of   Wat Pa Tung, who was know and revered as a monk that could see the future. .. The rockets are launched from the old gravel quarry just past the temple on the way to the site of the first Sangkampang kiln.


It is two day event with the smaller (shorter) bamboo home made rockets being launched the first day and the longer ones being launched on the second day of course no betting or wagering is allowed, hahaha. It is worth the trip but parking by mid day can be a bit hard.

They even have a prize in true Lanna spirit for the best explosion at launch or more correctly failed launch, which being home made there are a few to be sure.


The second well know  rocket event is held at Wat Phra Non


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