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Dara Pirom Palace Museum

The Darapirom Royal Residence Museum

Located in the Dara Rasamee Military Camp in Mae Rim.

The Museum exhibits the gracious living quarters, textiles, furnishings, person utensils and musical instruments. You may also in advance telephone and request for an English speaking guide.

Phra Ratchachaya Chao Dararasmi was born in 1873, the 11th and youngest daughter of Phrachao Inthawichayanon, the 7th Lord of Chiang Mai. She was a beautiful woman and on a trip to Bangkok with her father she met King Chulalongkorn who took her as one of the Royal Consorts of King Rama V in 1886. After the King passed away, she asked permission from King Rama VI to return to Chiang Mai in 1914, then she had her residence built, which was named “Phra Tamnak Darapirom” (Darapirom Pavilion).

The pavilion is Arts and Crafts style with a wide, long-eave roof which covers the attic with dormer windows. The front part is hipped gable, decorated with battens and fitted windows in the middle.

During her time in Chiang Mai, she had supported and initiated several projects on public health, education, agriculture, and local culture. She played a key role in maintaining Lanna cultural practices in Chiang Maiuntil her death in 1933 age 60. In order to honour her virtue, Chulalongkorn University had organized the project on restoration and development of the pavilion and the landscape in 1998, led by Professor Dr. Bundit Chulasai.

Open 9am - 5pm Tues - Sun
Entry Fee: Adults 20 Baht, Children under 12 Free

Darapirom Palace Museum
Location Amphoe Mae Rim, Chiang Mai Province
(Dara Rasamee Military Camp)
Architect/Designer Unknown
Proprietor Chulalongkorn University
Date of Construction circa 1914 AD.
Conservation Awarded 1999 AD.

OPEN : 09:00 am - 04:30 pm daily.
CONTACT, Tel:(66 53) 299 175

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