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Chiang Mai Japanese restaurants

Japanese Dining in Chaing Mai

Thai people are appreciative to Japanese food and the restaurants are good visited by them and therefore daily busy. If you want to get the pleasure try the following restaurants and understand why many locals go there!

Plenty very good and recommended Japanese restaurants with tasty food at ONE spot are at Central Airport Plaza at Mahidol Road (Google Maps). Some of them are e.g.:

Oiishi Ramen (Website)

On the fourth floor they serve mouth-watering delicious Ramen and of course Sushi, appetizers and many more like complete sets. Some vegetarian dishes can be ordered (or just ask to prepare it vegetarian which is in the most cases possible).


First branch is on the fourth floor at Central Airport Plaza and the second one at the second floor at Pantip Plaza. It is quite often pretty busy and the locals know about their fair prices, good service and palatable food (Sushi, Soups, Noodles, Set Menus and etc.).


Situated on the fourth floor and very popular in the city for their buffet to a reasonable price. Next to the buffet they have an extensive offer from noodles, ramen, fresh fish, and meat as well sets. 

Hachiban Ramen

Hachiban Ramen is like the other mentioned localities situated at the fourth floor and they cook real good Ramen. Their menu further contains appetizers, fried chicken and gyoza.


This Japanese restaurant can be discovered on the first floor of Central Airport Plaza and is specialized in bento’s (food sets in traditional Japanese boxes) but of course common dishes like Ramen, Sushi and Tempura are available.


Further good Japanese restaurants outside Central Airport Plaza are

Genki Ramen (Website)

Located at 49/3-4 Nimmanhaemin Road and serving a variety of quality food.


Tegoku De Cuisine, 55/8 Soi Wat Buakrokluang (opposite Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Hotel, check the website for exact location)

Definitely a gem as you can get the pleasure to eat things which are hard to come by like real fresh wasabi (not the paste!) or steaks from Kobe. The prices are compared to other places high but sets quite inexpensive and affordable.


The Gigangtea, 300 Chang Moi Road (Google Maps)

Recommended by many and known for its house made Japanese dessert

Asahi, 98/3 Sridonchai Road

Typical Japanese dishes to a fair price.

Sumo Sushi, 28/7 Nimmanhaemin Road (Google Maps)

Popular because of its sushi and serving further really good dishes for even better prices.

Dai Kichi, Nimmanhaemin Road

A great place to enjoy authentic cooked dishes. The prices are okay and the offer includes traditional dishes like Ramen, Miso Soup, Sushi and many more.

Hatena, 20 Nimmanhaemin Road Soi 11

Hidden insider tip and well visited by students, artists and even some popularities. The location does not attract the eye and the menu is relatively small but the dishes are as delicious as in other bigger restaurants.

Sakura, 18/4 Chang Moi Kao Road (near Tapae Gate and on the same street like Gecko Books)

Delicious and authentic food as the owner was many years married to her passed Japanese husband. Especially fried garlic served with spring onions, inlaid ginger, Wasabi and Miso is a highlight. They serve a range of known dishes and sets to more than less expensive prices and in addition Thai food.


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