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Franco Thai Restaurant

Franco Thai Restaurant

If you are searching for reasonably priced, delicious food, look no further than Franco Thai. This restaurant in Chiangmai has gained in popularity by word of mouth, more than by advertising, and indeed friends of mine from South Africa, who like myself live here permanently, recommended this restaurant to me over three years ago.

Unless you live in Chiangmai itself, visitors may find this restaurant a little difficult to find, so here goes.   Franco Thai is situated behind the Icon Plaza next to the Computer Plaza which is on the North West side of the moat.  The actual address is 19/3 Soi 3, Maneenoparat Road, T.Sriphum, A Muang, Chiangmai 50000, telephone number 0898556697. Soi 3 is only small and narrow with houses on either side, however do continue down it where Franco Thai itself is on the left hand side.

Most of the restaurant is situated outside under a canopy with a beautiful water feature at the rear. There is an indoor, air-conditioned eating area too and a bar which serves soft drinks beers and cocktails. A men’s and lady’s toilet is at the back of the restaurant and is well maintained for customer use. The restaurant itself is actually owned by a Frenchman who manages the bar area and the extremely helpful staff who work there.

The menu itself has a wide variety of beautiful French dishes, my absolute favourite is medium-rare steak with garlic and parsley sauce served with mashed potatoes, at a cost of 149 baht, about 3 pounds.   The portions of food are always generous and cooked to perfection. You also receive fresh warm bread rolls included in the price and I personally love a large glass of red wine to accompany this meal, usually about 80 baht.

Starters range from garlic bread, delicious pate and salads, all reasonably priced. Main courses include steaks accompanied by pepper, mustard or red wine sauces, chicken in a Madras sauce with chunky chips, pork and beef in similar sauces and many other dishes.  You can plump for a dessert if you wish and these vary from crème caramel and banana split to name but a couple.   I did have a starter, main course and dessert once but it proved far too much for me to eat – I felt like a walking balloon afterwards!

On the many occasions I have frequented this establishment; it has always been quite full with a mixture of people both Western and Thai. The atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing which all adds to a wonderful evening out. Whether smartly dressed or in casuals, you won’t feel out of place and for those who have children, this is a family-orientated restaurant.

I have recommended this restaurant to many of my friends, Western and Thai alike, and everyone has said how much they enjoyed the food and atmosphere, no negative responses at all! So, if you are an expat like myself or are in Chiangmai on vacation, then pay this restaurant a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

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