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Non’Z restaurant, and some tough food choices.

If you are tired of the street food vendors, why not treat yourself to some lovely restaurant cuisine?

For a couple of months already me and my husband whenever we were going past little market in Mee Chok area in the evening we were noticing a very nice big restaurant full of bright lights, live music and people.  The restaurant was called Non’Z, and it piqued our curiosity. If it’s full of Thais and is so far out of the Old City it has to be good, right?

And then on my husband’s birthday we decided to try Non’Z with a couple of friends.

Don’t ask me what is with the name – I have no clue. But the directions are:

Driving from superhighway 11 turn left at Thep Panya Hospital, go straight towards Mae Jo University, hit Rimping supermarket after the first crossing on your left, pass little market and do a u-turn just after it.

Straight away you notice that Non’Z is quite cool in this crazy April heat, largely because it’s build on and around water.Your browser may not support display of this image.

As far as we could see it had a choice of 3 different sitting areas – normal tables under the roof, open air tables (their beer garden), and separated platforms with the seats on the floor. Not surprisingly, we chose the third option as it was further away from the stage and quite isolated.

At Non’Z they play decent live music advertised as “famous artists Kai Pannipa and Nat- The Star performance”, and as a huge bonus their karaoke booths are soundproof (yay!). If you want to pay money and do it – do it, nobody else will suffer except your immediate company..

Anyway, so far we were seated on one of the platforms, ordered our drinks (a bottle of beer costs about 60 baht) and were given an enormous menu.

God, the food choices were incredible (frog soup anyone?) As I understood there were plenty of Thai and Chinese dishes with a huge selection of seafood and fresh water fish.

We went with the recommendations of our Thai friend and ordered Tom Yum, Steamed seafood with hot curry in coconut, fried large fish with selection of herbs, stir fried soft shell crab with curry powder, Thai fish salad (bla duk fu ) and on the recommendation of our waitress, German pork knuckle (which was on offer and cost 79 baht).

So, as we settled down sipping our drinks (cokes and beer), the food started arriving pretty quickly.

First one was their steamed seafood in coconut, and my God, it was divine! I highly recommend it, and in fact it was my favorite meal that day.

Then they brought us a delicious creamy Tom yum with crispy dried chillies on the top (easily best Tom Yum I’ve had so far, extremely creamy and rich).Then the rest of the meals followed.


Fried fish was very interestingly done. On one side there were fish pieces in nam tok sauce, on the other side fish in spice and sour salad with a lot of chillies.

What about pork knuckle? you would say. Well, we were not disappointed with our choice – really tasty meat came with a side of chips and a hot sauce, perfect for dipping pork in it. We all enjoyed it.Your browser may not support display of this image.

The staff was very nice too. When they found out that we had our birthday boy with us J, on the proof of some ID, they brought us a complimentary assortment of fruit.

The restaurant also had a large parking area and a playground for the kids (to the relief of their parents).

We had a fan switched on over our heads and almost no mosquitoes which was a blessing, and generally we enjoyed our evening very much.

A good bonus was, that you could pay by card, and we thought the prices were very justified – for 4 of us, after ordering six meals most of it seafood plus portions of rice, plus 2 bottles of beer and 2 bottles of coke we spent just under a 1000 baht (250 a person).

Was it worth it? Hell yes! Will I return? Definitely!

NON’Z Restaurant
Open daily 3 pm – midnight 
Tel. 053 246882 – 4

Don’t Miss
Steamed Seafood with Hot Curry in Coconut (109 Baht)


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