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Banana Tree Restaurant

I’ve heard good things about Banana Tree restaurant before, but never been there. And then one day
we made it our goal to find this elusive but popular eatery along the Canal road.

Surprisingly it’s easy to find once you are on the Canal road. Coming into town it’s on the left side a
bit after Best Western Hotel which is now called B2. There is a big sign both in English and Thai with
the name of the restaurant and plenty of parking spaces.

The building itself is quite beautiful with kitchen on the ground floor and the restaurant on the first
floor. There are seats for 200 people and they consist of wooden tables with benches. You have a
choice to sit under the roof or on open air. There is also a small manicured garden in the front.

I tell you what folks, the surroundings are beautiful and the whole feel of the place is very rustic. You
gaze at the mountains, there is candlelight on the tables, and the food is gorgeous.

Before I go into details about the food itself, this place opens at 5pm until 12am. If you want a quiet
meal, come at 5, because 2 hours later it becomes insanely busy.

This is a very popular place among Thais, you’ll see hardly any farangs. The prices are very fair, the
live music is very good, the service is fast and the parking lot fills up extremely quickly. So do book in
advance if you want your dinner to start at 7-8pm.

We went there twice. First for the reconnaissance. Me and the hubby came in at 5pm, the restaurant
was almost empty, and I ordered a delicious bowl of yellow chicken curry. Half an hour later I had my
scrumptious made from scratch meal with very tender and not overly spicy chicken.

banaaa tree restaurant yellow curry

The menu is extensive and written in English and Thai, the army of waitresses in green uniforms with
very short skirts speak some English, so it’s easy to order your food and drinks. The drinks menu
include the usual beer and fruit shakes, but also some expensive spirits and wine.

Anyway, satisfied with what I saw and tasted, I came back second time for a dinner at 7pm with a
bunch of friends. I also asked one of my Thai friends to book a table on the phone, which I strongly
advise you do too.

Leaving the ordering of the food to our Thai friends, which is a national sport and they do it
beautifully, we just started stuffing ourselves with hot fresh yummy meals.

There was a tom yum which everyone seemed to be eating at the time. It comes in a lovely clay
bowl to keep it hot, and is generously sprinkled with dry smoked chillies. There were some stir-
fried Chinese broccoli, so as smoked slices of very tender pork, steamed seabass and freshly
made pasta ( sorry, my fault, I can never resist pasta).. There was what I thought a nice touch - a
plate with greens in ice to soothe your mouth after too much chilli. And of course there was rice!

All in all, between 5 of us we spent about 1000 baht including a bottle of beer, water, spy red and
fruit shakes plus a plate of sliced fruit. A bargain!

The music was exceptionally good too. While we were dining the band changed from a farang male
singer to a lovely Thai girl. Both of them were singing some Western classics like Hotel California and
some interpretations of modern songs.

banana tree restaurant house band

The crowd is mostly white and blue collar Thais. There are usual birthday celebrations and family
gatherings, but there is no craze, no excessive drinking, more lively conversations and soothing

The menu includes European food, Japanese, Chinese and Thai cuisine. It’s not a place for a romantic
dinner as it’s quite noisy, but more for a great gathering among friends and family.

Here is the address:
Banana tree
89/9 Canal Road

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