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Tom Lay Cut Professional

Tom Lay Cut professional, or bring on the blonde jokes.

Yesterday I decided at last to go blonde. The women out there will understand how radical this is if in all your life you’ve never been poisoned with peroxide before (or at least that much).

So I needed a good professional salon, as with the decision as important as this you simply can not go to the run of the mill hairdresser’s.

Beauty shop Chiang Mai

Luckily, my Thai friend Ploy recommended to me Tom Lay Cut Professional, mentioning that the owner has branches of his salon all over Thailand, and apparently is really good.

So, she didn’t lie to me. First, the address is really easy to find. You get off the superhighway towards Nimmannhaemin road, pass Amari Rincome Hotel on your left, then before the big turn on your right on the corner there is this white hairdresser’s with very tall windows. You can’t really miss it.

They have quite interesting modern construction from wood at the reception, white leather chairs everywhere and a splash of orange on the walls to soften the look up.

When we came in it was already 7pm, and we didn’t know that they were closing at 9pm (and even if I did, in my ignorance I wouldn’t have known how long it would take to do my hair).

Anyway, we explained my problem (I have dark brown hair, which for the last half a year I’ve been colouring black (ups!), and that I wanted to go blonde.

They instantaneously had three stylists on me, smiling and talking between themselves excitingly. I guess they don’t get people wanting radical changes very often. They asked me all sorts of questions to determine the extent of the work that needed to be done and then named the price. I admit, the price was higher than I expected but what the hell! I desperately needed to be blonde. They broke the price down to explain what cost what, apparently they had to bleach my hair first, and then put blonde colour that I wanted on it, and they even said as I’m spending that much they would give me a haircut for free! Hey, who doesn’t love freebies?

So here I was sitting in my chair drinking cold water while my charming stylist Aundy quickly cut my hair. Then he and his colleague asked me again if I am sure I want to bleach my hair and not just put highlights in it, as it would damage them.

I was impressed with the thoroughness of these people, who just wanted to do their job properly. Anyway here we went with the bleach, chatting away until I discovered that the salon was getting ready to close at 9pm.

Tom Lay Cut Chiang mai

Aundy, my hair stylist.

To cut things short,  Aundy and one of his colleagues stayed behind until almost 11pm to do my hair properly with bleaching and colouring and blow drying (I counted 3 head massages in between!) while chatting to me and smiling. Aundy’s English was quite good. And..You know, whatever said between you and your hairdresser stays between you and your hairdresser..

Anyway, this guy is a perfectionist, he did a great job with my hair, and it totally was worth the money. I am lucky to find a good stylist from the first try, and I’m definitely going back.



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