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J.T. Silk Beauty Products

J.T.Silk Co.Ltd.

I know you would say “Not this silk thing again!”, but hear me out.

We’ve met Hiroto and May of J.T.Silk Co.Ltd (he is Japanese, she is Thai) on the Cotton Exhibition in Chiang Mai, and got interested in their peculiar products straight away.

They are hard working and cheerful couple with a lovely baby daughter who they named Silk.

What they designed is an innovative concept  - silk sericin (silk proteins and amino acids) is extracted to look after your skin.

How does it work? Sericin proteins and amino acids are similiar to human skin, and when they are released to our skin they help it to retain moisture, improve its flexibility, quicken healing with skin surface injuries and prevent scarring, they also anti-oxidize and battle melanin reducing your wrinkles. Sericin is hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for dry and sensitive skin conditions.

As a result the company created silk cocoon balls, which can be used as cotton wool balls, silk facial compresses, sponges, brushes, face masks and neck pads, and even pure sericin extract to sprinkle on your skin twice daily to keep it moisturized and to protect from UV rays.

Check their website for the range of products

They also produce some traditional silk products – scarfs, shawls, blankets and pillows.

You can find their shop at this address:

J.T.Silk Co.Ltd.

399/234 Siriporngarden home



Chiang Mai 50210


Tel. 0819938501 Mob. 0833248037

Or find their stall at Sunday Market in Chiang Mai.

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