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Used Book Shops in Chiang Mai

The Chiang Mai used books store scene has exploded in the last number of years with containers of used English books being offered for resale. The leader is of course Geko Books, but othershave found their niche as well. One does wonder how long the actual book will be so popular with "Net books" and the future of printing but I hope it will aways be there. But was not  Amazon to end book stores?


Backstreet Books, 2/8 Chang Moi Kao Road (off Tha Phae), Chiang Mai,
tel: 053 874-143
Next door to Gecko Used Books.


Bookshelf used books
73/1 CharroenPhaithet Road
Tel 053 234 767
A good selection of English books most all are 99B or less.


 Book Zone, 318 Tha Phae Road, Chiang Mai, tel: 053 252-418
A few meters from the Backstreet and Gecko used Bookstores.

 Gecko Used Books, 2/6 Chang Moi Kao Road (off  Tha Phae square), Chiang Mai,
Tel: 053 874-066 Is next door to Backstreet Books.

George now has several book shop locations and a online book selling sections so you can order any book they has in stock online and have it sent anywhere in Thailand. 

Great idea and asset to our community!

Gecko Books sells used books and has opened a third branch at 2 Rachamanka

MNA Book Shop  

(See article)

Editors choice of used book shop
14-16 Kotchasam Road .Chang Klang, A.Muang

On The Road Books at 38/1 Ratwithi Rd halfway between Soi 2 and Ratchaphakinai. Mainly used English language books, has many other languages inc German.

Shaman Bookstore, Kotchasan Soi 1, Chiang Mai, tel: 053 235-652
This is the second shop to the right side, as you enter the Soi.


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