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MNA Book Shop

Look – books goodies! Welcome to M.N.A. Book Shop.

With all the tourists, travellers and expats it’s always a problem to find good cheap books in Chiang Mai. Sometimes they are old enough to fall apart in your hands, sometimes the choice is too poor or the price is too high, or you can’t return what you bought because they claim that the book is too old ( which what happened to me in one of the Gecko shops. Ironically, this was the book I bought few days before from them.. for an outrageous price).

But do not despair! There are some good used books shops around Chiang Mai, and one of them is M.N.A. Book Shop situated on Kotchasam Road right after Tha Pae Gates Market. It’s the side with Gecko Books Shop on your left which you pass, and then on your right you’ll see an Internet Cafe and straight after it M.N.A. Book Shop.

mna book shop chiang mai

The owner Martin is a really pleasant English chap who really tries hard to make his shop work. Most of the books are in mint condition, some of them are little bit used, but a lot of them newly published. I was pleasantly surprised with some of the new paranormal and urban fantasy books which I’m fond of (with the authors like Sherrylin Kenyon or J.D.Robb for example). Big choice of new detectives, thrillers and horror novels, respectable Stephen King and Dean Kuntz collection (which is a must have for all the shops it seems to me), nice selection of romance novels, historical and modern, published after 2000 (I have to mention it as a lot of used books shops sell romance novels of the period from 1970s to 1990s, which are considered collectibles nowadays. There are some cool articles about the novels from this period on one of the funniest website dedicated to this topic for those who find themselves interested).

There are also some interesting sci-fi and fantasy books.

Martin also has been trying for some time to gather a collection of books in languages other than English, so please if any of you have books in German, French, Swedish, Italian or other European languages bring it in! They can be exchanged or bought from you.

He is also interested in anything about Thailand, Chiang Mai, Thai language, culture, maps etc.

What is really good about the shop are the prices!

mna book shop chiang mai

The usual price for most of the books is 99 baht (the prices on sale), but Martin also has a special sale with the books for 59-69 baht, which for me is a great bargain in the city of Chiang Mai.

The shop has a little fridge with the selection of cold drinks, a fan and they can even make you a nice cup of iced coffee – perfect for a slow browsing to carefully choose your book. I only wish they had some chairs. I would love to sit down with a pile of books and take my time choosing what I want..

mna book shop chiang mai


Martin has plans to make an online catalogue of his books, which would help greatly with the selection I would think. In the perfect world I would love to seat at home, browse through the catalogue and just pre-order what I want for a pick up.

Who knows? Maybe in the future..

The address is:

MNA Book Shop

14-16 Kotchasam Road

Chang Klang, A.Muang

Chiang Mai

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