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Chiang Mai Cotton

Chiang Mai Cotton shop, ladies! – natural, local, easy to wear clothing.

Traditionally, Chiang Mai is famous for its good cotton, and as cotton along with linen is what doctor prescribed for the extreme Asian heat,  that’s what I intend to wear while walking through the narrow lanes of the Old City.

There is a little gem hidden on Rachadamnoen Road just opposite U Hotel Chiang Mai. Its name is Chiang Mai Cotton. Mainly their products are for women although they have a selection of clothes for men.

chiang mai cotton

This small boutique shop was started by 2 friends and 2 sisters just as a stall on Sunday Market 6 years ago, now it has 2 successful brunches – one is "Chiang Mai Cotton" on Rachadamnoen Road, another is "Peace of Mind" on Nimmanhaemin Road.

Chiang Mai Cotton not only produces high quality products, they also design them, which is a great plus if you like me are prone to walking through endless stalls of identical clothing in the Night Bazaar and despair.

Their products are high quality linen, soft and fine cotton, a blend of cotton and linen, or cotton and wool, which gives it that extra softness. The design is simple, minimalistic and won’t look out of place in any big city in Europe, The States or Canada. I actually noticed that this shop attracts a lot of Japanese and Korean customers as well.

I’ve been a loyal customer myself for quite a few years, and I can personally vouch that their product holds its own, really well against the weather or the constant washing.

One of the owners Koy is almost always there with a smile, perfect English and ready to help.

I love the quaint natural look of the shop – you have rows of clothing on wooden hangers, wooden structure in the middle of the shop with all the accessories -  beautiful hemp bags, and a pile of amazing local jewelry, fine leather belts and scarves. You can almost choose a whole outfit minus footwear here. And you have to check out their cotton dresses with crochet straps on them – it’s an absolute hit every time I come back to Europe. People always ask “where did you get this dress?”

At the moment, Chiang Mai Cotton is designing a new collection with all the natural dyes for the cotton, and I can’t wait!

But if you want to see their products, you have to visit the shops. By the way, they take cards.  Here are the addresses:

Chang Mai Cotton 10:00 – 20:00 (Monday to Saturday) 10:00 – 23:00 (Sunday)

141/6 Ratchadamnoen Rd, T.Prasing

Tel. 66(0)53814413, Mob. 0897575659

Piece of Mind 10:00 – 20:00 (Everyday)

Nimman Promenade, room 17, Nimmanhaemin Road.

They also have a website, and recently did a new photo shoot for their collection, a sneak pick of which I can give to you with their permission.


I wish them all the best in their beautiful trade, and exciting new developments, one of which they tell me will be children’s line. I do have a charming niece that just needs to be dressed in Chiang Mai Cotton.


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