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Sunday Walking Street

flowercandlessunday       The Chiang Mai Sunday walking street is the main feature of Chiang Mai. Enjoyed by adults and children alike, it is open from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Strewed across the entire market is a plethora of shops which sell various types of products. The shopkeepers are generally dressed in the local Northern Thai costumes. There are numerous handicraft items available with them. Chiang Mai Sunday walking street is often confused with the popular Night Bazaar that is present on the Changklan Road.

   The walking street is a busy area where you will find people of all cultures and traditions. The locals interspersed with the tourists can be seen there is huge numbers. The Sunday Walking Street is situated in the Old Town on the Rachadamnoen Road and opens only on Sundays. A significant thing about this market is that you cannot take your vehicle in it. It is only open to the pedestrians. All the sidewalks are lined with numerous stalls.

 The items or the handicrafts available in the Chiang Mai Sunday walking street are of varied nature. This was originally  due to the fact that Chiang Mai and the neighboring areas fall under the One Tambon One Product (OTOP) category. This meant that each Tambon or the district was promoted. This is done by encouraging the locals to create specific handicrafts, textile,paintings and furniture. You can obtain exquisite items at cheap prices. If you are picking a souvenir or buying something unique don’t forget to bargain! Stall owners are quite friendly and willing to do business with you. The most preferred things by the tourists are the ceramic pieces, embroidered fabrics from the hill tribes and the silverware.   

 Apart from being a shopper’s paradise, Chiang Mai Sunday walking street is filled with various street musicians. You can also see a variety of flowers, especially the beautiful orchids. Food lovers will definitely find something appealing to their taste buds. The local shrimp paste and the som-tam are simply mouth watering cuisines. After you have purchased and eaten, you can go to any one of the several foot massage parlors. The combination of the cozy chairs and one hour of foot reflexology will provide you with the ultimate relaxation.      

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