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Bull and Water Buffalo Market

One of the really fun ways to see the rural life in northern Thailand is to go to the Saturday morning water buffalo and cattle sale and market on the Hod - Chiang Mai road. It is only held early Saturday mornings. By early we mean be there by 7:00am as the best buys are leaving by then.

Do not expect to see many tourists there because the very few westerners there are normally there to buy a new cow or water Buffalo or even a cock for fighting.

Need a new Water Buffalo

There are also many different wares to be found from used motorcycles to push bikes right up to a dinning table. The dealing is mostly left to the cow traders but there are some good deals to be found for the sharp eyed peoples and some head aches to be sold on. So remember there is the world wide a sport to see who you can sell that old junk to a fool as a "great bargain".Even in Thailand many people like to play.

It is a place to sample the local fair of market food with drinks and even real roasted coffee to be found. As with any of the real markets in Thailand do not expect to find much other than the necessaries for rural life and even they are now a days often made in China and of very poor quality.

So if you need a reason not to drink too much on Friday night you now have it. Get up early and see what you just can not live without.


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