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Northern Thai Sausage

Northern Thai Sausage is called SI  OUA

Authentic recipe

This tasty spicy sausage is from region of northern Thailand.


PorK: three types Lean Pork fat and skin  a blend one 1 part each and toal weight of 1 kilo

Small Intestine of Pig or (synthetic tubing) for casing. 200 - 300 grams cleaned weight.

Black soya sauce and white soya sauce for seasoning

Spring onions , chopped about handful.(chopped)

Kaffir Lime Leaves 5-6 leaves (chopped)

Chilli paste for seasoning Ingredients:

Dried large red chillies 5-7 (chopped)

Red shallot 200-300 grams (chopped)

garlic 100-200 grams

Galangal  1 or 3 large pieces

Lemon grass 1-2 sprigs

Coriander root 2-3 sprigs

Turmeric root 1 slice

1 teaspoon salt

Shrimp paste 1 tablespoon

1) make chili paste with chopping and crushing all paste ingredients

2) Grind meat and skin and fat season with dark and light soya and then mixed in chili paste then sprinkle spring onion on top.
3) Tie off the thin  end of the intestine using a toothpick to hold the knot. Then stuff the intestine with all the ingredients after they are thoroughly mixed.

4) Tie other other end and then tie other end then grill or barbecue  remember to prick skin with tooth prick, so does not explode.


*One of the best SI  OUAi know of is in sangkampang and has added a little liver not that I am a fan of liver but it is just a wonderful addition, so try a little.


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