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Larb Moo

larb moo

Larb Moo  (Mince Pork)



Larb Mhoo is the kind of food that northern people have create it for long time ago when they have some kind of ceremony going on in the village such as when they going to built a new house, the owner will go around and ask for help from the neighbor to get together to help and afterward the owner of the new house need to feed to the people who come to help for meal so it is quite often that you will see one of the food is “Larb Moo”



300      grams   Red meat pork (fine chop)

½         cup       Pig liver (slice to thin stripes )

½         cup       Boiled pig intestine

½         cup       Boiled pig skin

2                      Spring onion (chopped)

2          tbsp      Deep fried garlic

2          tbsp      Fresh garlic (chopped)

½         cup       Vegetable oil


Ingredients for lab moo paste

10                    Dried big chili

10                    Dried small chili

10                    Shallot

5                      Garlic

10        slice      Galangal

3          tsp        Coriander seed

3                      Lemon Grass

1          tsp        Indian long pepper (powder)

2          tsp        Thai yellow pepper corn

(roast every ingredient above)

1/2       tsp        Salt


Place all ingredients (except salt) for paste into the mortar and ground and mix thoroughly


How to cook Larb

Put vegetable oil into pan on medium when hot chopped garlic till it get light yellow  then put the paste into the pan and put minced pork and stir for couple minutes and then follow with liver, intestine, skin and mix thoroughly add the soup from boiled the liver (because you will get the sweet from the liver) add salt, stir till the meat is cook.


Serve with sprinkle spring onion and deep fried garlic on top.

Serve with sticky rice.

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