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Spicy Cow’s Afterbirth

Yum Rok Wua
Spicy Cow’s Womb

This may not be a normal food any more in the west, but it is a ancient dish.

Yum Rok Wua is another famous gourmets delight and very hard to find. To get you have to be the right place and the right time for it you can not find it every day. Each house that the raise the mother cow when she is pregnant the owner of the cow have to pay attention to the mother cow and wait to see is it the right time for the mother having baby yet? Right after the mother cow have the baby the owner of the cow have to wait for the womb to come out and immediately remove away from the mother cow other wise she will eat it.


1    Womb
15      Fresh small green chili
2        tbsp    Good fish sauce
3        tbsp    Lemon juice (fresh squeeze)
7        Shallot
2        Fit weed (chopped fine)
1        Lettuce
2        Cucumber (sliced)
1        Coriander

How to cook:

Start with clean the Womb with water and cut to the size of 1x2 inches then boil about 15 minute on medium heat take the Womb out from the hot water. Chopped the small green chili, slice the shallot, slice the fit weed and put in the pot include the womb and mix t thoroughly add fish sauce, lemon juice to your personal taste and put the coriander on top.

Serve with fresh vegetable such as lettuce, cucumber etc.

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