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Cars and Trucks in Chiang Mai

Car Rentals in Chiang Mai

Renting a car in Chiang Mai are usually fairly inexpensive and easy to arrange for. A small car will cost just over 1,000 baht per day. Make sure that the insurance is comprehensive and that your car is dent-free before you sign anything. If the car has ANY damage, be sure to note it on the rental agreement or you may be held responsible for it. Keep the copy of the rental agreement with you just in case you’re stopped.

If the police pull you over, don't argue. Just smile, be patient, polite and very courteous. As a foreigner, they normally will not ticket you, unless of course you've done something really bad or you are silly enough to quickly speak Thai with them!

All you need to rent a car is a valid driving license, written using the Roman alphabet. If it is not, an International Driving License is required to have and your passport.

There are many smaller car rental agents in Chiang Mai but be aware that some rent cars offer no insurance or invalid insurance, as the borrow cars from private individuals so insurance may not be valid. Not to mention the vehicle service may not be in order. So I have only listed well known ones who offer good vcars for rent and offer services to asure worry free experiences as far I know.

You may also want a pick up and delivery service to be available, as well as 24 hour service.

Alpha Car Rentals  (editors choice)

18/2 Santitham road, Chiang Mai
Tel:+66 (0) 857144045

Budget Car Rental Thailand
Airport Plaza
201/2 Mahidol Rd., Haiya, Muang, Chiang mai 50100
Tel:+66 (0) 5320 2871-2 Fax:+66 (0) 5320 2873

JOURNEY CAR RENT 283 Thapae Rd. Happy Journeys in cars, buses, vans and 4 WD jeeps.
Reliable condition. First Class Insurance.
Tel. 66 53 206487, 66 53 208787. Fax. 66 53 273428 . Home : 66 53 211339, Mobile 08 1681 2192, 08 1881 9380.

North Wheels 
North Wheels Rent-A-Car have the best selection of new and like new autos including luxury cars, small trucks, mini vans and recreational (sport utility) vehicles. Van with drivers also available. Serving teh north over 20 years. I have recommended them to many people seeking car rentals in Chiang mai, and all have been very happy with the company.
Head Office : 70/4-8 Chaiyaphum Rd., Changmoi, Muang, Chiang Mai, 50300
TEL: ( 66 53 ) 874-478 FAX: ( 66 53 ) 874-378
Chiang Rai branch :
591 Paholyotin Rd., Viang, Muang, Chiang Rai, 57000 TEL: ( 66 53 ) 740-585 FAX: ( 66 53 ) 740-588

Ruby Car Hire
New and nice cars to rent and good vans with drivers to hire. Now even offering  BMW F650 GS for rent. Ruby Car Rental provides you a wide range of current models, with variety of sizes and types to suit your requirements. All Ruby vehicles are under 2 years old.
Just call: 081-5954554, 053-115801


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Chiang Rai

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