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Arriving At Chiang Mai Airport

The international Airport in Chiang Mai, tarmac is shared with the Royal Thai airforce, and located right at the edge of the city, now more correctly in the city. It is no more than a 10 minute taxi ride from there to most hotels in the city.

Arriving at Chiang Mai international airport.

The building is now one long airport with departures leaving on the upper floor and arrivals debarking on the lower level. International is on the south end and north end is domestic services.

International arrivals
So when you land if you are going through customs and immigration you will be going to the right side (south) of the building from the tarmac side.

1) First you will clear Immigration

2) Then proceed to baggage collection area.

3) than a small "Duty Free kiosk" is before customs so you can purchase a bottle or smokes help you get over your flight because of course it is not give it away as a gift for that forgotten friend,or web architect.

4) Walk through customs or declare if you choice. Then you will be entering the international arrival hall.

Here there are limo service or taxi services. Car rental may even be open but best to pre arrange that with Budget or North wheels. To the left is the domestic hall with a post office between and ATM and money changer too. 

Leaving the Airport grounds

The taxi charges an extra fee for pick up there, or there is the airport limo service which is mostly military par-time drivers in what is no more than a flat rate taxi service into town. At present (FEB2010) it is 120 baht each car and most hold 3 western sized people with minimal luggage as they have mostly been converted to NG gas or propane taking up trunk space.


There is a seldom city bus service through the airport but well is infrequent. There are more often seelaours dropping off people that offer a OK price as they normally are not allowed to enter unless with departing customers. So consider it a good luck pick up


Most hotels will arrange pickup for free or a minimal charge if asked.


See list of  Airlines serving Chiang Mai international airport



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