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Marrying a Thai

Marrying a Thai: Opps! It won’t be that Easy (Part I)

It’s easy to fall in love to a Thai be it Male or Female. Though for male it won’t be that complicated, it is going to be for the female. Since most of them are still bound to their Culture and Traditions. Mind you, they follow it strictly to the letter. Not for some who are living in Urban areas, but you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s being followed religiously in Rural and remote areas.

So, once you came to meet a certain Thai lady, ask her where she came from. And if she tell you that she came from a certain province, then you still have plenty of time to make up your mind.

However, if what you feel is much stronger than any culture and traditions, then go ahead and follow it. Just prepare yourself for a bumpy ride along the way of marrying her, because it is not as easy compared to some other countries.

Thailand is known for its rich culture and tradition; this is the kind of thing that makes them stand out among the countries here in Asia. And one of such tradition that is still in effect and very much alive is how a person ought to do when marrying a Thai especially their women.

Here are some few things that “FARANGS” (foreigners) must bear in mind if ever you get to decide to marry a Thai woman. Though, you may be lucky to find some who don’t follow such tradition anymore, chances are you’re still going to meet some who does. Therefore, it is best that you arm yourself before you dive in into such Predicament.

Let me tell you first though, that when it comes to characteristics and traits. You’ll be very blessed to be married to a Thai woman, the only thing that’ll stand in your way of having one is it’s Tradition that you need to “dig in” whether you like it or not. If you think you cannot do or follow such a tradition then might as well change your preferences, it would be best for you.



Most of the means of meeting a special someone, especially for foreigners is through the Internet. That’s why mixed marriage and marriages because of online dating became a thing of today’s generation. However, because of its limitation the only thing that a couple can do is talk and chat to each other from time to time. Unaware of what and how each really do things in their own land. As a foreigner, whether you are just a mere salesperson in a store in your country, a street sweeper, a janitor or just a plumber. Be aware the Farang will have to make a sworn statement of his occupation and income athe his embassy beofe he can legally marry in Thailand to his Thai bride.

Once you come to Thailand, the moment that Thais laid their eyes on you. They look up to you, first because of your color. They really are fascinated by white colored people. Secondly, they regard you and consider you as a wealthy man, why? Simply because you were able to come to their country, meaning you are reach because you were able to pay for your air fare (Ironic isn’t it?).

So, don’t be surprised if you find them so accommodating to you. Especially those people who are living in rural areas and provinces


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