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Children's Day in Thailand


Children's Day in Thailand is now always held on the second Saturday of January.

It was originally created in response to UNICEF day for children but since it was originally on a fixed day in October it caused problems as it was rainy season  and it could happen during the week so, children and their parents could not really participate. So in 2507 it was decided to make it a fixed Saturday in the cool season.So from 2008 onwards it has always been the second Saturday in January.

It oddly meant that in 2007 there was actually no Childrens day it was skipped.

It is a day that the children are to be acknowledge to be important as they are the future of the nation.  Children without Parents and all children are to be reminded that a smart child is an asset to the country and to be respectful and to love their country, the King  and democracy.

You will find that all government and most all children activities are free to all children on Children's day through Thailand. So be aware that zoos, airports, museums and just about everything is free and FULL of children on that day.

The king in his wisdom has appointed the prime-minister in power to make a motto for each Children's day since.

This years is พ.ศ.2553 - อภิสิทธิ์ เวชชาชีวะ - คิดสร้างสรรค์ ขยันใฝ่รู้ เชิดชูคุณธรรม

It is common for all people to give gifts and assistance on Children's day. Be it books pencils or other aid in their school endeavors

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