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Pai Piranha Fishing Park

Piranha Fishing in Pai

Theodore Roosevelt, the American President, described piranhas as vicious creatures in his 1914 book, ‘Through the Brazilian Wilderness’, after watching a spectacle of piranhas feeding on carcasses of cows in the Amazon river. If you have an equally adventurous streak, why not come to Pai for a bit of piranha fishing?

Pai is a quaint little town nestled in the foothills of the Pai Hills in the north of Thailand, near its border with Myanmar. It is just over a four hours’ trip by bus from Chiang Mai, one of the largest cultural centers of Northern Thailand, and you can also reach it from Mae Hong Son via Route 1095. The journey to Pai itself can be exhilarating, with lush green jungles covering the mountains and sparkling brooks that appear suddenly across your road. Once in Pai, you can choose from a variety of staying options, including hotels and resorts to suit all kinds of budgets, But why not stay right athe fishing camp to get in as much fishing and relaxing as possible.

Piranha fishing lodge in Pai thailand

The Piranha Fishing Park

While Pai is a popular trekking center, the Piranha Fishing Park is not one of its major tourist attractions but mayb eit should be. The reason be is because those that have been there all rave about it. It is a 10 minutes’ walk out from Pai, being 7 kms away from the Pai Hospital. It is also just 5 minutes away from the beautiful MhorPeng waterfall, which serves as an added attraction. You can either ask any local, or just follow the signs, which are in plenty, to reach it. In fact the fishing park comes with its own guesthouse, bar and campsite, so you can just set yourself up for a day or two of fishing if you decide to stay at the guesthouse itself.

good sized paranha in pai

The Cost and Details

The park is open every day from 10am to 7pm, except during off seasons, March to September, when it opens at 12pm. You can bring your own supply of fishing gear, which will reduce the fishing charges for you. If you are using your own tackles, you pay either 20 baht by the hour or 100 baht for the day; if you use the park’s tackles, the rates are 30 baht and 150 baht respectively. If you are staying at the guesthouse, however, fishing is free, although you must buy the fish bait. There are three fishing ponds, and all are well-stocked, with over 18 varieties of fish including piranhas. And if the prospect of fishing all day under the mellow sunshine leaves you with a parched throat, then you can go right ahead and fish while sitting in the bar! Gin and tonics are 50 bahts per a glass round the year, and there is plenty of beer and other drinks for your convenience.

If you decide at the guest house itself, they offer bungalow type accommodation with all modern amenities, including satellite TV, DVD player, attached bath with hot shower and en-suite kitchen if you book two rooms at once. They also offer pick-up and drop to Pai if you have booked in advance. The park offers loads of fun, with regular barbeques and waterside parties, and if you fancy yourself as a swimmer, you can dive in and see if the piranhas take a bite!




 swiming with the fishes.

They even love setting up fishing trips to Chiang Mai.

So take one of the tours that the fishing park authorities arrange to Chiang Mai. It is also a fishing expedition, starting from the park at 6am sharp, and reaching the Chiang Mai lake at 9am. Instead of returning back up the tortuous mountain road, you can fish at the Chiang Mai paridise lake all day and proceed onward with some good memories of piranha and cat-fishing at Pai. As well as some huge catch and release in Chiang Mai.

Pai Piranha Fishing Park

130/4 Jamwat Mai Na Durn
Mai Hongson Pai
(+66) 053065187
Fax: (+66) 0857075074

piranhapark (at)

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