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Phayao Attractions

Wat Si Khom Kham


Phayao is a beautiful province in Thailand that is covered by attractive valleys and mountains all over. Apart from its hugely appealing location, Phayao is better known for the sites that boast immense historical significance and natural beauty. The province is home to such a highly respected religious place, called Wat Si Khom Kham. This temple is located in the Muang district on the banks of beautiful Kwan Phayao Lake, in the Thailand’s upper northern portion. This is not just a mere temple, but one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in the area. “Phra Chao Ton Luang” is what the locals fondly call this temple.


The largest image of Buddha

Inside Wat Si Khom Kham, there is the largest image of Buddha in Lanna. The image of Buddha appears in the sitting position, and it was made in 1491 ADs. The image resembles the design of the Lanna and Thai combination, and it took more than three decades to complete this gigantic image that now holds the pride and attracts numerous visitors in Wat Si Khom Kham. The huge image resembles the sitting position of Lord Buddha and the width of the lap is fourteen meters long and the height is sixteen meters.


The Heaven and Hell Park

If you think that the huge image of Lord Buddha is the only attraction of the temple, then you are mistaken. There is another top-notch attraction, which is the “heaven and hell park.” This park showcases the detailed description of how hell and heaven might appear as.


The Museum of Ho Thai Nithat

Ho Thai Nithat is a popular museum that is also present in the premises of Wat Si Khom Kham. This building is developed just next to the main temple, and it includes various attractions such as local intellectual displays, antique items, mythical items and also some scenes that show how Phayao people lead life. Ho Thai Nithat can be visited between nine in the morning and four in the evening from Wednesdays to Sundays.


Yearly Festival

The best time to visit Wat Si Khom Kham would be around May because fair and yearly celebrations take place on the fifteenth day of waxing moon in this month.


Located on the bank of Kwan Phayao, Wat Si Khom Kham a must watch place in the province of Phayao.

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