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The Chiangmai Christian German School

(Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiangmai)


The purpose of the CDSC  (Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiangmai) is to provide a well-balanced education of high quality in the German language for German-speaking children living in North Thailand. This prepares them for relocation and integration into their respective home countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Besides emphasizing academic quality, the school encourages honest, open and respectful relationships between the students.


The curriculum is based upon that of the federal state of Thüringia. In addition, a variety of topics relevant to the Thai context are integrated into the curriculum. Additional German lessons are offered to children with a limited knowledge of the language. The school also teaches the Thai language and culture to enable the pupils to integrate into the host culture. The qualified teaching staff is committed to providing a sound education.


Studying at the CDSC also means receiving instruction according to Christian values. In the midst of a religious environment where Christians represent a minority, the CDSC communicates a Christian worldview. It emphasizes the practical application of basic Christian principles such as love for one’s neighbour, the equality of all people and the individuality of each person.


The academic year starts in mid-August and runs to the end of June of the following year, which follows the school calendar implemented in Germany. Begins on Monday and ends on Friday, hence there is no alternating schedule anymore. Generally the school day commences at 07h40 and ends at 13h05 for primary school. The middle and high school end at 14h30 respectively at 15h15 depending on the daily schedule.


A well-designed school building with spacious classrooms including a science laboratory, a computer room and a classroom for Thai studies, provides a user-friendly environment for the children. Over 5,000 books covering a large variety of subjects fill the shelves of the school library. During tea and lunch breaks, the children have access to a large playground with a jungle gym, a soccer and basketball field as well as a hall for indoor games.


The CDSC is situated in a quiet, rural setting at the edge of a village, surrounded by rice fields. It is about 6 km south of the Chiangmai city center. The clean, fresh air enhances the learning conditions. Despite its apparent isolation, the school is easily accessible via the new ring road surrounding Chiangmai, which provides good connections to the surrounding villages and towns, as well as the city center.


The CDSC welcomes children of all national and religious backgrounds. However, to facilitate class participation and comprehension of the tuition, adequate knowledge of the German language is a pre-requisite. Host families provide accommodation for a limited number of students whose parents reside in other parts of the country.

Studying at the CDSC means tuition in small classroom, a quiet and friendly rural environment, as well as centrality to the largest and most important city in North Thailand.

Founded in 1994, presently, the number of pupils has risen to 90. A growth curve is therefore clearly evident. The small number of pupils allows for individual attention in the classrooms.

Please do not hesitate to contact them for further details.

Sitz der Schule:

Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiangmai (CDSC)
83/1 Ban Bua Krok Nua
T. Tha. Wang Tarn
A. Saraphee
Chiangmai 50140


Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiangmai (CDSC)
P.O. Box 12
Chiangmai 50140 - Saraphee

Telefon: +66 (0) 53 - 816 624
Fax: +66 (0) 53 - 816 270

Thailändischer Schulleiter: Herr Panya
Deutscher Schulleiter: Herr Matthias Wolf
Vorsitzender des Schulvereins: Herr Kees Brouwer

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