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thai classes in teak house

The AUA Thai Studies Department was established 1985 to meet the language and cultural needs of foreigners working, visiting, or residing in Chiang Mai and the north of Thailand. its purpose is lo promote understanding between Thailand and the world community by sponsoring cultural events and language programs. The cultural programs, which include films, music, exhibitions and lectures provide foreigners with the opportunity to learn about the Thai way of life and perspective of the world.



The AUA Thai Language course consists of beginning and intermediate levels as well as courses of a specialized nature-individual instruction or northern Thai. The course is recommended for those with a serious interest in reaming to understand, speak, read and write Thai properly Classroom work is demanding and rigorous. Students are encouraged to devote one to two additional private hours per day to the study of the language.

Our Group classes are taught by experienced native speaking Thai instructors. The classes are kept small (size ranges from 5 to 12) to allow for maximum participation. English is used in the - texts and in the class by the teacher when necessary but fluency in English is not a requirement.


In class, students practice by speaking the language in a controlled setting As a student you will be expected to actively participate in the teaming process-interaction not only between teacher and student but between fellow students in pairs, while speaking, is demanded. Words and grammar patterns are presented for understanding and repeated to ensure proper pronunciation and tone habits.

All students receive written evaluations to mark progress at the middle and end of each course.



Our beginning spoken course is divided into 3 books. The emphasis at this level is on SPOKEN Thai with the objective being to assist the reamer in acquiring a good foundation for further fluency. Special stress is placed upon control of the sound system and good tone manipulation and production, while using and recognizing the basic vocabulary and sentence patterns of the language. Short dialogs are practiced to increase fluency.



Our intermediate course continues to develop fluency in the spoken and written language. Small Talk" (AUA Course Book A) provides ways for students to start and sustain conversations and "chat" in social situations. Reading and Writing I and 11 introduce the writing system, the tone and spelling rules and provide practice in the mechanics of reading and writing. The Pratom 6 Exam course prepares you for the equivalent of 6 grades of primary school often a requirement for those seeking employment in Thailand.




Courses to meet the special language needs of groups or individuals can be organized with sufficient notice.

Expert TRANSLATION and INTERPRETATION Service upon request.


GROUP INSTRUCTION: Classes meet 2 hours. per day, Monday-Friday
Book 1,2,3 (approx 60 hrs/book) Bht. 3,500. per book

Advanced conversation course(50 hours) Bht Bht. 3,500.
Reading and Writing 1 - (30 hours) Bht. 2.700. per book.
Reading and Writing 2 (30 hour) Bht. 2,700. per book

PRATOM 6 Exam Course (50 hours) Bht. 3,500.
Northern Thai (30 hours Bht. 2, 700 per book

NOTE: Each group class must have at least 5 students to open. Full payment is due BEFORE class begins. To ensure a place in the class, we suggest a deposit. If there are less than 5 students the class may be either postponed or canceled. If the class is canceled full deposit or payment will be refunded upon return of the AUA receipt.
No receipt, no refund . No refunds once class begins. Please ask for our refund policy
paper for details.

The number of study hours for each GROUP CLASS is approximately 60 hour per book since Thai and American holidays included in the course schedule.

Advanced Conversation Reading 8 Writing I

Reading & Writing 11

INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION: Class times and days are made upon arrangement but we ask a minimum of 25 hours. Students who miss class lose the time; hours will not be made up so schedule classes carefully. 1-4 students can study on an individual basis.

Tuition 1-2 students charges
Bht.250/hour at AUA Bht.290/hour at your home/office

3 students
Bht 280/hour at AUA Bht.320/hour at your home/office

4 students
Bht.340/hour at AUA Bht.380/hour at your home/office

All AUA Thai course textbooks are priced at Bht 250.- each


AUA Thai Course Department
73 Rajadamnern Road
Chiang Mai Thailand 50000
Tel 66 53 278-407

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