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The Wednesday Market

The Wednesday Market

by jessicajhill

When I first came to Suwannaphum, I couldn’t understand the excitement over the Wednesday market. People wait for the middle of the week to roll around so they can buy certain goods at low prices. My first hectic day was a Wednesday, and the man who showed me around told me I was in luck for a good introduction to this small town. We went, I saw, and I left thinking it was just another second-hand junk sale like so many other markets around Thailand.

Fast forward three months later: I find myself planning my week around the once-a-week event. There isn't much else to do here so I now understand the hype.

One can buy everything from live, colored chicks and baby ducks (I bought one of each) to dollar-size chicken feet and pig hooves (gross). There are more racks of second-hand clothing than Goodwill can hold, and countless household necessities such as dishes, pots and pans, laundry baskets, Q-tips and shampoo. One can even find a new pair of glasses or shoes. Some of the weirder things for sale are duck heads (yep, sold separately) and raw liver (among other raw meats) sitting uncovered and acting as an appetizer for flies.

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Well, it’s Wednesday, and I’m off to the market to get some dinner. Pig hoof anyone?

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