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Varee Chiang Mai School and Varee International

Varee Chiang Mai School and Varee International

The Director of Varee Chiang Mai School, Varee Patravanich, opened her first kindergarten in Chiang Mai 30 years ago. The parents of students that attended this
kindergarten were very impresses by the progress their students made and by much they enjoyed studying at Varee Kindergarten. On numerous occassions the idea of opening
Varee Primary School was raised by the parents from Varee Kindergarten and following Thailand’s recovery from the financial crisis of the late 90s Ajarn Varee decided the time was right to open a new school in Chiang Mai. Varee Chiang Mai School was opened in 2002.

The school quickly became successful and popular and with the launch of the English Programme in 2003 the English language abilities of the students became a primary focus
for the school.

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As the first classes of this English Programme graduated from primary school Ajarn Varee became aware that there was a growing demand amongst parents for international
education. Varee International was opened to meet the needs of those students that had excelled in the school’s English Programme and wished to receive a fully international

Varee International was opened in April 2010.
The school is fully equipped with modern science labs, a large swimming pool, a full range of sporting facilities, music rooms, dance rooms, a large modern library, multi
media rooms and spacious classrooms, all of which have interactive whiteboards. The teachers at Varee International are experienced, fully qualified and all have
internationally recognized teaching credentials.

The school follows the English National Curriculum sometimes referred to as the British Curriculum. Students enrolled at Varee International take Checkpoint examinations at
Year 9, IGCSE examinations at Year 11 and A Level examinations at Year 13. These qualifications are accepted by universities around the world.

If you want to learn more about Varee International, please visit the school’s official website or email K.Dani This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

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